CNADNR: six managers in two years!

October 2010. Dorina Tiron, the director of CNADNR was fired by the Minister of Transportation, Anca Boagiu. The reason: inefficient management. Her position was taken over by Liviu Costache.

March 2011. After half a year of managing CNADNR, Liviu Costache resigned, invoking personal matters, health related. At the top of the company then came Daniela Draghia, which lasted one year.

May 2012. Daniela Draghia resigned from her managedem position. Apparently there were some different opinions concerning the investment strategy for the paneuropean corridor IV. Prime Minister Victor Ponta named Ion Masala, former deputy chief financial officer, as interim director of CNADNR.

June 2012. There was a new managing director named at CNADNR: Mihail Basulescu. He managed to complete the necessary formalities with the former interim director, Ion Masala.

July 2012. After only one month, Mihail Basulescu was fired from CNADNR by the Minister of Transportation, Ovidiu Silaghi. The reason: the recorded delays in the construction of the Bucuresti – Ploiesti highway.

July 2012. Mircea Pop was named the new director of CNADNR.

January 2013. Mircea Pop was forced to resign his position. The reason? While seven counties in Moldavia were under a yellow code of heavy snow and blizzard, the directors of CNADNR used the pretext of organizing an operations strategy to plan a nice party at a cabin, close to the Balea Lake. Following this, the Prime Minister summoned Mircea Pop for an urgent meeting. It was then when Mircea Pop signed his resignation. Though, the former director is supposed to insure the interim until „naming a new management”.

The active projects of CNADNR can in no maner benefit from all these management changes. Even more than that, the last audit from the Court of Auditors clearly indicates that „the appointed objectives have not been achieved in time because of both insufficient political will of the government and disfunctional management”.

All in all, in looks like the only way forward for CNADNR, a company full of public employees, is a leader. A real one, with no pollitical allegiances or sympathies. One that could make sure that the words like „inefficient”, „disfunctional” and „internal defficiency” would never again appear in a CNADNR audit.

And who knows, maybe the salvation will come after selecting a private management for CNADNR.

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