Highways: less than 1.000 km by 2020


Romania ranks 30 (of 31!) in terms of share of highways in total national roads (below 3%), according to European statistics cited by the Ministry of Transport.
Last month, the Ministry of Transport has published, for public debate, the General Transport Master Plan 2014 -2020, which includes the national strategy on highway construction. With this document, to be approved by the government until June 30th, Romania will be presented to the European Commission for approval of grants.
According to the Master Plan, the prospects do not seem too good about the construction of new highways: from 645 km of highways in the year 2014 completed we get, in 2020, under a thousand miles, 934.
And that’s considering that, in early April, after a workshop with key stakeholders in the field of road transport, Minister Dan Sova advanced a figure of 2,240 km of highways that were to be completed by 2020! Later, representatives of the Ministry of Transport have returned with details of the data included in the Master Plan.
„The baseline scenario includes 911 km of motorway (the document presented on the ministry’s website are 934 km – Ed. note) which are related to contracts in progress and the number of miles of highway completed so far. Reference scenario 2020 does not include new highway projects that CNADNR initiated or will initiate them, which refers to the construction of another 898 km”, said a press statement of the Ministry of Transport.


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