More than 40 cruise ships in the port of Constanta

„This ship was scheduled to arrive in Odessa, but due to the tense situation in the area, the owners and the crew decided to reroute the ship and replace Odessa with Constanta” said Gheorghe Marginean owner of Karpaten Tourism Agency, quoted by “Ziarul Financiar”.
In this situation there are other 40 American and German passenger ships. They were scheduled cruises in Europe and one of the ports that should be stationed was Odessa, but because of conflict in the area has been replaced by Constanta.
„Odessa was already removed from the program of over 40 cruises ships with German and American tourists who said they would dock in the nearest port. Of these, Karpaten will handle ground services to 37 ships, during which they will be stationed in. Given that on the ships were on average 1,000 passengers, Romania wins 40,000 tourists from this unfortunate political context”, said Gheorghe Marginean.

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