An electronic savior called eCall

According to the European Commission, eCall could save 2,500 lives each year, as the device allows reducing the response time for serious accidents, reducing the severity of injuries by 10-15%, and save people who do not know or cannot communicate their location.

Currently, for the public authorities, vehicle manufacturers and telecom operators, the implementation of the new system is not compulsory, but voluntary, which explains the fact that eCall is not operational in any European country.

The proposal for the system implementation is supported by 15 Member States: Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Netherlands and Sweden. In contrast, Denmark, France, Ireland, Latvia, Malta and BritainBelgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland and Romania) only expressed their readiness to support the EU initiative. are not yet interested in implementing the system, and other countries (

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