CFR Marfa privatization will be resumed this year

„The privatization of CFR Marfa resume, but it’s hard to tell when, if it resumes in a month or two. Privatization will not be submitted to the Ministry of transport, but also by the new privatization Department of the Ministry of the economy and which will have the powers of a public institution involved, so without the responsibilities of a shareholder. It creates a specialized unit of people who are good at privatization. The Ministry of Transport has no people specialized in privatization”, said at the end of March, the Minister Dan Sova.
Two weeks later, the Ministry of Transport announced the appointment of Dan Valentin Belcea as Director General of CFR Marfa, the management of which he had as interim deputy general manager Paul Barculet. Belcea occupied in 2003, the position of member of the Board of Directors of the company.

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