We try to convince our customers that the port of Constanta is a profit driver

RBT: What drives the progress of Sea Container Group?

Isabela Dinu: Firstly, we have a solid tradition and a successful team: our business began in 1998 with a handful of people, while today brings together more than 200 professionals.

In the early years, the company worked as a ship agent but the management decided to expand, establishing the companies which make up the group and offer various services: logistics, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, road haulage…

Within the last ten years, we have created strong partnerships with shipping lines, an extensive network of agents in the largest ports of the world and a broad portfolio of customers. Nowadays, Sea Container Group meets its customers with what we like to call ”all inclusive“ services from the five member companies – Sea Container Services, F&J Container Services, Sea Container Shipping, Almatrans and Container Clearance Services. All inclusive services mean that we make everything necessary to bring the cargo to the customer’s warehouse or to another specified destination, saving him of all the efforts.


RBT: All companies in the group seem to have developed around Blue Warehouse, a simple storage building that became a gold mine overnight…

I.D.: The advantages of our services are numerous and cannot come down only to the Blue Warehouse. Firstly, in the maritime transport field we are able to offer customers the best rates on the market, since we work with so many shipping lines and we see into the best transport offer for both import and export. Also, the network that we have all over the world helps us provide prompt and cost-effective services.

Secondly, we try to convince our customers that the port of Constanta can be a real profit driver. For example, customers who need their cargo to be delivered in several places in the country can pay for storage services in Blue Warehouse, which means they lower their costs since they don’t have to leave full containers in a terminal. Unlike other platforms in the port, Blue Warehouse allows storage of goods at lower prices because Sea Container Services is one of the few companies that own, and not lease their port facilities.

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